Craftsman 107.289920 Lawn Mower User Manual

Mower Cutting Height Switch
To increase the mower cutting height (raise the mower
deck), press the top of the yellow cutting height switch.
To decrease mower cutting height (lower the mower
deck), press the bottom of the switch. Mower cutting
height range is approximately 3-3/4" to 1-1/2" (9,5 to 3,8
cm). The cutting height gauge indicates the position of
the mower deck. The cutting height gauge is located on
the front of the rider, just behind the driver's left leg.
Ignition Switch
The ignition switch starts and stops the engine; it has
three positions:
OFF Stops the engine and shuts off the
electrical system.
RUN Allows the engine to run and powers the
electrical system.
START Cranks the engine for starting.
NOTE: Never leave the ignition switch in the RUN posi-
tion with the engine stopped. This drains the battery.
_ Mower Blade Switch
The yellow mower blade switch turns the mower blades
on and off. To turn the mower blades ON, pull the switch
up. To turn the mower blades OFF, push the switch down.
Always set the engine speed control to FAST before turn-
ing the mower blades ON, and while mowing.
Transmission Release Levers
The transmission release levers deactivate the transmis-
sions so that the unit can be pushed by hand. See
PUSHING THE UNIT BY HAND for operational informa-
Fuel Tank
To remove the fuel tank cap, turn it counterclockwise.
Before first time operation:
Be sure to read all information in the Safety and
Operation sections before attempting to operate this
rider and mower.
Become familiar with all of the controls and how to
stop the unit.
Drive in an open area without mowing to become
accustomed to driving the unit.
If you do not understand how a specific control
functions, or have not yet thoroughly read the
CONTROL FUNCTIONS section, do so now.
Do NOT attempt to operate the rider without first
becoming familiar with the location and function
of ALL controls.