Craftsman 107.289920 Lawn Mower User Manual

Service Interval: 25 hours.
Lubricate the unit at the locations shown in Figures 20
through 23 as well as the following lubrication points.
front wheel grease fittings
front wheel bushings
mower arbors
Use grease fittings when present.
Not all greases are compatible. Use automotive-type lithi-
um grease.
hydro linkage
brake linkage
frame pivot points
mower deck height adjustment linkage
Generally, all moving metal parts should be oiled where
contact is made with other parts. Keep oil and grease off
belts and pulleys. Remember to wipe fittings and sur-
faces clean both before and after lubrication.
Figure 22. Lubricating Rider
Figure 20. Mower Lubrication
Figure 21. Lubricating Rider
Figure 23. Lubricating Mower Lift