Craftsman 107.289920 Lawn Mower User Manual

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The information below briefly describes the
function of individual controls. Starting, stop-
ping, driving, and mowing require the combined Transmission
ReleaseLevers Mower Blade
use of several controls applied in specific Switch
sequences. To learn what combination and
sequence of controls to use for various tasks
please read the entire section.
@ GroundSpeed&
r Lever
Figure 6. Controls
_ Ground Speed Levers
These levers control the ground speed of the rider. The
left lever controls the left rear drive wheel and the right
lever controls the right rear drive wheel.
Pushing the levers out to the side, away from the opera-
tor's lap (top inset, Figure 6), is the proper position for
starting the rider. Pulling the levers in across the opera-
tot's lap puts the levers in DRIVE positions.
From DRIVE position, moving a lever forward increases
the FORWARD speed of the associated wheel. Pulling
back on a lever increases the REVERSE speed. The fur-
ther a lever is pushed, the faster the drive wheel will turn.
See DRIVING PRACTICE for steering instructions.
Parking Brake Lever
Move the parking brake lever (bottom inset, Figure 6) up
and across and into the locking notch to engage and lock
the parking brake. Move the parking brake lever across
and down to disengage the parking brake. The engine
will not start unless the parking brake is engaged.
NOTE: The parking brake must be disengaged before
operating the ground speed levers.
_]_r'_ Throttle/Choke Control (Choke-
The throttle/choke controls the engine speed and choke.
Move the throttle/choke to the FAST position to increase
engine speed and SLOW position to decrease engine
speed. Always operate at full throttle. Move the throt-
tle/choke control to the CHOKE position for starting a
cold engine. A warm engine may not require choking.