Craftsman 107.289920 Lawn Mower User Manual

Remove the Packaging Materials
Remove the cardboard from the crate.
Remove any steel branding securing the
unit to the crate. Locate the manual
Read the Operator's Manual
Locate the operator's manual in the
manual packet. You should always read and follow the
instructions in the operator's manual. Proper care,
performance tips, and safety information are located in
this important document.
Check the Tire Pressure
Reduce the tire pressures to the
pressures shown below. Tires are over-
inflated for shipping purposes and must
be set to the correct pressures for
optimum traction.
RearTire Pressure: 10=12 PSI
Front Tire Pressure: 18=20 PSi
Check Engine Oil Level
Note: Engine is shipped with oil. Add
10W-30 premium engine oil if oil level is
low. See MAINTENANCE for complete
engine oil specifications and maintenance
requiremen ts.
Lift the seat deck (Figure 17) to access
the engine compartment.
Clean the area around the dip stick/oil fill
tube. Remove the dip stick from the oil fill
tube and wipe the dip stick with a clean rag.
Insert the dip stick into the oil fill tube (thread in or push
down completely).
Remove and check the engine oil level. Oil level should
be between Full and Add marks. If necessary, add oil to
the oil fill tube.
Replace and fully secure the dip stick.
Fill=Up with FRESH Gasoline
Lift the seat deck to access the
_ Ea fuel cap and tank.
_ emove the fuel tank cap and fill
the tank with fresh fuel. After
fueling, securely install the cap
and wipe up any fuel that may
have spilled. See the Operator's Manual for fuel
The single most common service issue is stale or
contaminated fuel! Fuel should not be more than 30
days old. Use fuel stabilizer to extend the life of your
fuel, and always store fuel in an approved, sealed, plastic
gas can. Stale fuel clean=out is not covered under your
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.0 Gallons (15,14 L)
Start the Engine and Drive the Unit Off the
PRACTICE sections of this manual for information on
starting the unit and driving it off the crate.
Charge the Battery
Lift the seat deck to access the battery.
If the unit is being put into service after
the month and year indicated on the
battery date tag (located on top of
battery) charge the battery for one hour
at 6-10 amps. Refer to the SERVICE &
ADJUSTMENTS section of this manual for battery
charging information.