Land Pride RC5015 Brush Cutter User Manual

Section 7: Features and Benefits
RC5015 & RC6015 (540 RPM) and RCM5015 & RCM6015 (1000 RPM) Rotary Cutters 318-047M 8/28/08
Land Pride
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Section 7: Features and Benefits
RC5015 & RC6015 Series
Features Benefits
250 HP Splitter box Highest gearbox rating in its class.
210 HP wing boxes Highest gearbox rating in its class.
Tractor HP range 50 - 250 HP
Left wing counter rotates Better discharge of material. (Refers to RCB6015 cutters with 2 wing decks.)
Factory assembled Arrives ready for the customer. Saves the customer set up time.
Gearbox warranty S/N 325492+ 5 years on housing, gears and shafts, 3 years on seals & bearings.
S/N 325491- 1 year warranty.
2 3/8” Gearbox output shaft Large output shaft handles shock loads better.
Star profile Cat. 5 drivelines Increased strength in driveline. Holds up to shock loads and harsh mowing conditions.
Input driveline Cat. 5 constant velocity or conventional u-joint available.
Wing drivelines Choice of Cat. 4 or Cat. 5 to match up to customers needs.
540 or 1000 RPM Fits wide variety of tractors.
Dual swiveling clevis hitch Clevis hitch bolts to tractor draw bar and swivels left to right and front to back. This allows
cutter to float but hitch stays rigid on drawbar, which eliminates drawbar wear.
Gearbox seal protection Gearbox bottom seal is protected for longer bearing life.
All-welded deck Deck is 100% welded which offers additional strength and keeps moisture and dirt from
getting trapped in tight places, which hastens rust over time.
3/16” Deck thickness Heavy gauge material aids in resisting damage from debris hitting the underside of the deck.
1/4” Sidewall thickness Reduces debris piercing possibilities.
10 1/2” Deck height Handles heavy cutting, which reduces balling up of cut material under the deck.
2” to 14” Cutting Height Cover a wide range of cutting conditions.
6” Blade overlap Eliminates skipping during turns.
4” Cutting capacity Enables the cutter to be used in pastures with small trees up to 4” in diameter.
High blade tip speed (540 rpm = 15,268 fpm center & 15,000 fpm wings)
(1,000 rpm = 15,578 fpm center & 14,620 fpm wings)
Allows clean cutting of material.
Chain guards Front and rear double chain guards are available with cable to reduce thrown objects.
Replaceable skid shoes Can be replaced when damaged or worn out on wings and center deck.
3/16” Round stump jumper
with 1” thick plate
1” Thick plate offers superior support and protection to gearbox output shaft.
Underside deck rings Fully welded 1/2 ” x 3” deck rings on underside of each deck eliminates blades getting in
deck, and offers additional overall strength to the decks.
4 Plate slip-clutch Protects drivelines and gearboxes by slipping clutches rather than twisting the driveline when
impacts are encountered.
Easy to Grease drivelines Drivelines have access holes to grease the U-joints of the driveline, as well as holes to
grease the inner profiles.
Hinged wing sections Allow you to shape the cutter to the job. Ideal for rough ground where hillsides, ditches and
hollows can cause uneven cutting.
1” Solid hinge rods Larger diameter hinge rod gives greater strength to the cutter from front to rear, and in the
hinge area itself.
Wing hydraulics Wing hydraulics are plumbed independently to allow the user to raise one wing at a time,
which can aid in going through narrow spaces.
Mechanical winch (optional) Mechanical winch aids in folding the cutter in the event of hydraulic failure.
Wing transport locks Transport wing locks securely hold wings in the folded position in case of hydraulic failure.
Slow moving vehicle sign Standard equipment to make operating conditions safer.
Enclosed front to rear dual
leveling rods
Dual leveling rods enable the cutter to pull equally on the rear axle during uneven terrain vs.
just pulling from one side of the front hitch.
Airplane tire option
with optional foam sealant
Airplane tires give better cushion while transporting the cutter. Available with heavy-duty
foam which virtually eliminates flats.
Laminated tires option Can’t go flat.
Replaceable wheel spindles Wheel spindles can be replaced easily by removing two bolts vs. replacing the entire axle.
Wheels 6 or 8 Wheel option.
Spring cushioned center-axle Protects unit from bumps and ground shock.
Walking Tandem Axles Option Better flotation over rough terrain.
Rear axle pull ring Aids in getting unit out of soft ground conditions.
Surpassed rugged industry
All Land Pride Cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary testing
procedures specified by ANSI.
Paint options Choice of red, green or tan to match popular tractor lines.