La Crosse Technology 308-2316 Weather Radio User Manual

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Professional Wireless Weather Station
La Crosse Technology
, the world leader in atomic time and weather instruments, introduces a
Professional Wireless Weather Station that provides accurate, real-time weather data straight
from your backyard. This sleek weather station offers weather forecasting, indoor/outdoor
temperature & humidity, wind & rain data, and precise atomic time & dateall on one
comprehensive device.
3 “AA”
Outdoor Temperature,
Humidity + Alerts
Reclining Legs
and Base Stand
Forecast Icons
24-hour Pressure History
Graph + Numeric Pressure
(Relative or Absolute
Indoor Temperature,
Humidity + Alerts
Radio-controlled time +
Perpetual Calendar
Wind Speed and Rain
Readings with Alerts
Model: 308-2316
Instruction Manual
DC: 122314
Wall Hanging Hole