Husqvarna 970 Lawn Mower User Manual

English – 31
Problem Procedure
Engine will not start. Fuel tank empty.
Plug defective.
Plug connection defective.
Dirt in carburettor or fuel pipe.
Starter does not pull round engine. Battery flat.
Bad contact between cable and battery terminal.
Lift lever for cutting unit in wrong position.
Main fuse blown.
Ignition lock faulty.
Gear shift/hydrostat pedal not in neutral.
Engine does not run smoothly. Wrong gear, too high.
Plug defective.
Carburettor incorrectly set.
Air filter clogged.
Fuel tank vent blocked.
Ignition setting defective.
Dirt in fuel pipe.
Engine seems to have no power. Air filter clogged.
Plug defective.
Dirt in carburettor or fuel pipe.
Carburettor incorrectly set.
Engine overheats. Engine overloaded.
Air intake or cooling flanges blocked.
Fan damaged.
Too little or no oil in engine.
Ignition defective.
Plug defective.
Battery does not charge. One or more cells faulty.
Bad contact between battery terminals and cables.
Machine vibrates. Blades are loose.
Engine is loose.
Imbalance on one or more blades, resulting from
damage or inferior balancing after sharpening.
Uneven mowing. Blades blunt.
Cutting unit skew.
Long or wet grass.
Grass blockage under hood.
Different tyre pressures on right and left sides.
Drive belts slipping.
850,970 Eng 97-10-14, 14.3031