Husqvarna 970 Lawn Mower User Manual

16 – English
Driving the machine
1. Release the parking brake by pressing the brake
2. Press the clutch and engage the required gear.
The gearbox has five forward drive positions,
neutral, and reverse. To engage reverse gear the
lock button must be pressed down.
Gears 1–4 are used for mowing.
Gears 4–5 are used for transport.
Starting is possible irrespective of which gear is
Carefully release the clutch pedal and drive to
the mowing area.
Do not change gear from forward drive to
reverse while the machine is moving.
The clutch must be used for each gear
Stop the machine before changing for
forward drive to reverse, otherwise the
gearbox can be damaged.
Never use force to engage a gear. If a gear
will not engage directly release and push
down the clutch again, and then try to
engage the gear again.
850,970 Eng 97-10-14, 14.2916