Husqvarna 970 Lawn Mower User Manual

English – 17
3. Select the required cutting height (1–9) with the
cutting height lever.
To obtain a uniform cutting height it is important
that the tyre pressures are equal on both front
wheels (60 kPa).
4. Push in the lock button on the lift lever and lower
down the cutting unit.
The service-life of the drive belts increases
considerably if the engine is run at low
speed when engaging the blades. For this
reason increase the throttle first when the
cutting unit has been lowered to the cut-
ting position.
Cutting tips
Localise and mark stones and other fixed objects
to avoid collision.
Start with a high cutting height and reduce down
until the required cutting results are obtained.
The cutting results are best with a high engine
speed (fast rotating blades) and low driving
speed (slow moving machine). If the grass is not
too high and thick the driving speed can be
increased or the engine speed reduced without
noticeably affecting the mowing results.
The best lawns are achieved if the grass is cut
often. Mowing becomes more uniform and the
grass cuttings become more evenly distributed
over the surface. The total time consumption is
not greater since it is possible to select a higher
driving speed without inferior mowing results.
Avoid mowing a wet lawn. The mowing results
are inferior since the wheels sink down into the
soft lawn.
Hose down the cutting unit with water under-
neath each time it is used.
Mowing pattern
Clear the lawn from stones and other
objects which can be thrown out by
the blades.
850,970 Eng 97-10-14, 14.2917