Husqvarna 970 Lawn Mower User Manual

30 – English
Checking and adjustment of the throttle
If the engine does not respond as it should do
when the throttle lever is moved or if the top speed
is not reached, the throttle wire may need adjust-
1. Release the clamping screw (see arrow) and
push the throttle control to full throttle position.
2. Pull the throttle wire’s outer casing to the far
right and tighten the clamping screw.
Replacement of the fuel filter
Replace the fuel filter every 100 running hours
(once per season) or more frequently if it is
Replace the filter as follows:
1. Dismantle the engine hood as described on
page 20.
2. Move the hose clips away from the filter. Use a
pair of flat pliers.
3. Pull off the filter from the hose ends.
4. Press in the new filter on the hose ends. If
necessary soap solution can be applied on the
filter ends to simplify fitting.
5. Push the hose clips back on the filter.
850,970 Eng 97-10-14, 14.3030