Husqvarna 970 Lawn Mower User Manual

14 – English
Before starting
Read the safety instructions and information on
the location and function of the controls before
starting (see pages 5–13).
Conduct daily maintenance before starting (see
maintenance schedule on page 19).
Adjust the seat to the required position.
Starting the engine
1. Lift up the cutting unit by pulling the lever back-
wards to locked position (transport position).
3. Put the gear shift in neutral (N).
2. Apply the parking brake. This is done as follows:
Press down the brake pedal (1).
Press in the lock button on the steering
column (2).
Release the brake pedal while the button is
held pressed.
The parking brake lock disconnects automatic-
ally when the brake pedal is pressed down.
850,970 Eng 97-10-14, 14.2914