Husqvarna 1153136-26 Chainsaw User Manual

30 – English
1153136-26 Rev.1 2009-12-29
Maintenance schedule
The following is a list of the maintenance that must be performed on the machine. Most of the items are described in the
Maintenance section.
Daily maintenance Weekly maintenance Monthly maintenance
Clean the outside of the machine.
On chain saws without a catalytic
converter, check the cooling system
Check the brake band on the chain
brake for wear. Replace when less
than 0.6 mm (0,024 inch) remains at
the most worn point.
Check that the components of the
throttle control work safely. (Throttle
lockout and throttle control.)
Check the starter, starter cord and
return spring.
Check the clutch centre, clutch drum
and clutch spring for wear.
Clean the chain brake and check that
it operates safely. Make sure that the
chain catcher is undamaged, and
replace it if necessary.
Check that the vibration damping
elements are not damaged.
Clean the spark plug. Check that the
electrode gap is 0.5 mm.
The bar should be turned regularly for
more even wear. Check the
lubrication hole in the bar, to be sure it
is not clogged. Clean the bar groove.
If the bar has a sprocket tip, this
should be lubricated.
Lubricate the clutch drum bearing. Clean the outside of the carburettor.
Check that the bar and chain are
getting sufficient oil.
File off any burrs from the edges of
the bar.
Check the fuel filter and the fuel hose.
Replace if necessary.
Check the saw chain with regard to
visible cracks in the rivets and links,
whether the saw chain is stiff or
whether the rivets and links are
abnormally worn. Replace if
Clean or replace the spark arrestor
mesh on the muffler.
Empty the fuel tank and clean the
Sharpen the chain and check its
tension and condition. Check the
drive sprocket for excessive wear and
replace if necessary.
Clean the carburettor compartment.
Empty the oil tank and clean the
Clean the starter units air intake.
Clean the air filter. Replace if
Check all cables and connections.
Check that nuts and screws are tight.
Check that the stop switch works
Check that there are no fuel leaks
from the engine, tank or fuel lines.
On chain saws with a catalytic
converter, check the cooling system