Husqvarna 1153136-26 Chainsaw User Manual

English 29
1153136-26 Rev.1 2009-12-29
Cooling system
To keep the working temperature as low as possible the
machine is equipped with a cooling system.
The cooling system consists of:
1 Air intake on the starter.
2 Air guide plate.
3 Fins on the flywheel.
4 Cooling fins on the cylinder.
5 Cylinder cover (directs cold air over the cylinder).
Clean the cooling system with a brush once a week, more
often in demanding conditions. A dirty or blocked cooling
system results in the machine overheating which causes
damage to the piston and cylinder.
Air Injection” centrifugal
Centrifugal cleaning means the following: All air to the
carburettor passes through the starter. Dirt and dust is
centrifuged out by the cooling fan.
IMPORTANT! In order to maintain operation of the
centrifugal cleaning system it must be regularly
maintained. Clean the air intake to the starter, the fins on
the flywheel, the space around the flywheel, inlet pipe and
carburettor compartment.
Winter use
Running problems can occur when using the machine in
the cold and snowy conditions caused by:
Too low engine temperature.
Icing of the air filter and carburettor.
Special measures are therefore often required:
Partly mask the air inlet on the starter to increase the
working temperature of the engine.
Temperature -5°C or colder:
For running the machine in cold weather or powder snow,
a special cover is available, which is mounted on the
starter housing. This reduces the intake of cold air and
prevents large amounts of snow from being sucked in.
CAUTION! If the special winterising kit has been fitted or
any measures have been taken to increase the
temperature these changes must be reversed before the
machine is used in normal temperature conditions.
Otherwise there is a risk of overheating, resulting in
severe damage to the engine.
IMPORTANT! Any maintenance other than that described
in this manual must be carried out by your servicing
dealer (retailer).