Husqvarna 1153136-26 Chainsaw User Manual

English 19
1153136-26 Rev.1 2009-12-29
Clean the area around the fuel cap. Clean the fuel and
chain oil tanks regularly. The fuel filter must be replaced
at least once a year. Contamination in the tanks causes
malfunction. Make sure the fuel is well mixed by shaking
the container before refuelling. The capacities of the chain
oil tank and fuel tank are carefully matched. You should
therefore always fill the chain oil tank and fuel tank at the
same time.
Fuel safety
Never refuel the machine while the engine is running.
Make sure there is plenty of ventilation when refuelling
or mixing fuel (petrol and 2-stroke oil).
Move the machine at least 3 m from the refuelling
point before starting it.
Never start the machine:
1 If you have spilt fuel or chain oil on the machine. Wipe
off the spillage and allow remaining fuel to evaporate.
2 If you have spilt fuel on yourself or your clothes,
change your clothes. Wash any part of your body that
has come in contact with fuel. Use soap and water.
3 If the machine is leaking fuel. Check regularly for
leaks from the fuel cap and fuel lines.
Transport and storage
Always store the chain saw and fuel so that there is no
risk of leakages or fumes coming into contact with
sparks or naked flames from electrical equipment,
electric motors, relays/switches, boilers and the like.
Always store fuel in an approved container designed
for that purpose.
For longer periods of storage or for transport of the
chain saw, the fuel and chain oil tanks should be
emptied. Ask where you can dispose of waste fuel and
chain oil at your local petrol station.
The bar guard must always be fitted to the cutting
attachment when the machine is being transported or
in storage, in order to prevent accident contact with
the sharp chain. Even a non-moving chain can cause
serious cuts to yourself or persons you bump into with
an exposed chain.
Remove the spark plug cap from the spark plug.
Activate the chain brake.
Secure the machine during transport.
Long-term storage
Empty the fuel/oil tanks in a well ventilated area. Store the
fuel in approved cans in a safe place. Fit the bar guard.
Clean the machine. See instructions under the heading
Maintenance schedule.
Ensure the machine is cleaned and that a complete
service is carried out before long-term storage.
WARNING! Taking the following
precautions, will lessen the risk of fire:
Do not smoke and do not place any hot
objects in the vicinity of fuel.
Always stop the engine and let it cool for
a few minutes before refuelling.
When refuelling, open the fuel cap slowly
so that any excess pressure is released
Tighten the fuel cap carefully after
Always move the machine away from the
refuelling area before starting.
WARNING! Fuel and fuel vapour are
highly flammable. Take care when
handling fuel and chain oil. Be aware of
the risks of fire, explosion and those
associated with inhalation.
WARNING! Never use a machine with
visible damage to the spark plug guard
and ignition cable. A risk of sparking
arises, which can cause a fire.