Husqvarna 1153136-26 Chainsaw User Manual

ore using a new chain saw
Please read this manual carefully.
refer to figures on p. 2-6.
Check that the cutting equipment is correctly fitted
and adjusted. See instructions under the heading
Refuel and start the chain saw. See the instructions
under the headings Fuel Handling and Starting and
Do not use the chain saw until sufficient chain oil has
reached the chain. See instructions under the
heading Cutting equipment.
Long-term exposure to noise can result in permanent
hearing impairment. So always use approved hearing
ARNING! Under no circumstances may
the design of the machine be modified
without the permission of the
manufacturer. Always use genuine
accessories. Non-authorized
modifications and/or accessories can
result in serious personal injury or the
death of the operator or others.
ARNING! A chain saw is a dangerous
tool if used carelessly or incorrectly and
can cause serious, even fatal injuries. It
is very important that you read and
understand the contents of this
operator’s manual.
ARNING! The inside of the muffler
contain chemicals that may be
carcinogenic. Avoid contact with these
elements in the event of a damaged
WARNING! Long term inhalation of the
engine’s exhaust fumes, chain oil mist
and dust from sawdust can represent a
health risk.
WARNING! This machine produces an
electromagnetic field during operation.
This field may under some
circumstances interfere with active or
passive medical implants. To reduce the
risk of serious or fatal injury, we
recommend persons with medical
implants to consult their physician and
the medical implant manufacturer before
operating this machine.
WARNING! Never allow children to use or
be in the vicinity of the machine. As the
machine is equipped with a spring-
loaded stop switch and can be started by
low speed and force on the starter
handle, even small children under some
circumstances can produce the force
necessary to start the machine. This can
mean a risk of serious personal injury.
Therefore remove the spark plug cap
when the machine is not under close
This chain saw for forest service is designed for forest
work such as felling, delimbing and cutting.
You should only use the saw with the bar and chain
combinations we recommend in the chapter Technical
Never use the machine if you are fatigued, while under
the influence of alcohol or drugs, medication or anything
that could affect your vision, alertness, coordination or
Wear personal protective equipment. See instructions
under the heading ”Personal protective equipment”.
Do not modify this product or use it if it appears to have
been modified by others.
Never use a machine that is faulty. Carry out the checks,
maintenance and service instructions described in this
manual. Some maintenance and service measures
must be carried out by trained and qualified specialists.
See instructions under the heading Maintenance.
Never use any accessories other than those
recommended in this manual. See instructions under
the headings Cutting equipment and Technical data.
CAUTION! Always wear protective glasses or a face
visor to reduce the risk of injury from thrown objects. A
chain saw is capable of throwing objects, such as wood
chips, small pieces of wood, etc, at great force. This can
result in serious injury, especially to the eyes.
WARNING! Running an engine in a
confined or badly ventilated area can
result in death due to asphyxiation or
carbon monoxide poisoning.
WARNING! Faulty cutting equipment or
the wrong combination of bar and saw
chain increases the risk of kickback!
Only use the bar/saw chain combinations
we recommend, and follow the filing
instructions. See instructions under the
heading Technical data.