Husqvarna 1153136-26 Chainsaw User Manual

28 – English
1153136-26 Rev.1 2009-12-29
Tensioning the recoil spring
Hook the starter cord in the notch in the pulley and
turn the starter pulley about 2 turns clockwise.
Note! Check that the pulley can be turned at least a
further 1/2 turn when the starter cord is pulled all the
way out.
Stretch the line with the handle. Move your thumb and
release the line. See the figure below.
Replacing the return and drive springs
Recoil spring (A)
Lift up the starter pulley. See instructions under the
heading Changing a broken or worn starter cord.
Remember that the recoil spring is coiled under
tension in the starter housing.
Remove the cassette with the recoil spring from the
Lubricate the recoil spring with light oil. Fit the
cassette with recoil spring in the starter. Fit the starter
pulley and tension the recoil spring.
Drive disc spring (B)
Undo the bolt in the centre of the pulley and remove
the drive disc and the drive disc spring.
Replace the drive disc spring and fit the drive disc
above the spring.
Fitting the starter
To fit the starter, first pull out the starter cord and place
the starter in position against the crankcase. Then
slowly release the starter cord so that the pulley
engages with the pawls.
Fit and tighten the screws that hold the starter.
Air filter
The air filter must be regularly cleaned to remove dust
and dirt in order to avoid:
Carburettor malfunctions
Starting problems
Loss of engine power
Unnecessary wear to engine parts.
Excessive fuel consumption.
Remove the air filter after taking off the air filter cover.
When refitting make sure that the air filter seals tightly
against the filter holder. Clean the filter by brushing or
shaking it.
The filter can be cleaned more thoroughly by washing it in
water and detergent.
An air filter that has been in use for a long time cannot be
cleaned completely. The filter must therefore be replaced
with a new one at regular intervals.
A damaged air filter
must always be replaced.
A HUSQVARNA chain saw can be equipped with different
types of air filter according to working conditions, weather,
season, etc. Contact your dealer for advice.
Spark plug
The spark plug condition is influenced by:
Incorrect carburettor adjustment.
An incorrect fuel mixture (too much or incorrect type
of oil).
A dirty air filter.
These factors cause deposits on the spark plug
electrodes, which may result in operating problems and
starting difficulties.
If the machine is low on power, difficult to start or runs
poorly at idle speed: always check the spark plug first
before taking any further action. If the spark plug is dirty,
clean it and check that the electrode gap is 0.5 mm. The
spark plug should be replaced after about a month in
operation or earlier if necessary.
Note! Always use the recommended spark plug type! Use
of the wrong spark plug can damage the piston/cylinder.
Check that the spark plug is fitted with a suppressor.
Lubricating the bar tip sprocket
Lubricate the bar tip sprocket each time you refuel. Use
the special grease gun and a good quality bearing grease.
Needle bearing lubrication
The clutch drum has a needle bearing on the output shaft.
This needle bearing must be lubricated regularly.
When lubricating, remove the clutch cover by loosening
the two bar nuts. Lay the saw on its side with the clutch
drum upwards.
Lubrication involves engine oil dripping into the centre of
the clutch drum as it rotates.