Husqvarna 1151435-95 Chainsaw User Manual

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Recommended original and replacement bar and chain combinations
Following is a list of recommended cutting equipment for the Husqvarna chain saw models 346XP and 353. The
combinations of power head, bar and chain have been tested and found to be in accordance with the kickback and
vibration requirements of ANSI B 175.1–2000.
The guide bar nose radius is determined by either the maximum number of teeth in the nose sprocket or the
corresponding maximum nose radius of a hard nose.
The following list is the chain saw manufacturers recommendations. There may be other combinations available, which
will also achieve kickback reduction.
As we are listing the maximum guide bar nose radius, you may use a guide bar with smaller nose radius than in our list.
For guide bars of the same length, all sprocket-nose guide bars of the same pitch and having the same number of
sprocket teeth may be considered to have equivalent kickback energy. A hard nose bar having the same length and nose
radius as a sprocket-nose bar may be considered to have equivalent or less kickback energy than the sprocket-nose bar.
Bar and chain combinations
Chain saw models Husqvarna 346XP and 353 met the kickback performance requirements of ANSI B 175.1-2000 when
tested with the combinations of bars and saw chains listed below. The saw chain Husqvarna H30 is also classified as a
low kickback saw chain since it met the requirements for low kickback saw chain outlined in ANSI B 175.1-2000. We
recommend to use only the listed combinations of bars and chains for chain saw models Husqvarna 346XP and 353.
Other chain saw models may not meet the kickback requirements when equipped with the listed bar and chain
Note: For the saw chains above (if available) you are free to choose between 0,050" or 0,058" gauge drive links for the
corresponding bar, see the table below.
Bar Chain
Length, inch Pitch, inch Gauge, inch Max. nose radius Type Drive link count
13 0,325 1,3 10T
Husqvarna H30
15 0,325 1,3 10T 64
16 0,325 1,3 10T 66
18 0,325 1,3 10T 72
20 0,325 1,3 10T 78
13 0,325 1,5 10T
Husqvarna H25
15 0,325 1,5 10T 64
16 0,325 1,5 10T 66
18 0,325 1,5 10T 72
20 0,325 1,5 12T 78
0,050” H30 H22
0,058” - H25