Husqvarna 1151435-95 Chainsaw User Manual

32 – English
Checking the inertia brake release
With the engine turned off, hold the chain saw over a
stump or other firm object. Let go of the front handle so
that the bar drops towards the stump as the chain saw
rotates around the rear handle.
When the bar hits the stump the brake should be
Checking the brake trigger
Place the chain saw on firm ground and start it. Make sure
the chain does not touch the ground or any other object.
See the instructions under the heading Start and stop.
Grasp the chain saw firmly, wrapping your fingers and
thumbs around the handles.
Apply full throttle and activate the chain brake by tilting
your left wrist forward onto the front hand guard. Do not
let go of the front handle.
The chain should stop
Throttle lockout
Make sure the throttle control is locked at the idle
setting when the throttle lockout is released.
Press the throttle lockout and make sure it returns to
its original position when you release it.
Check that the throttle control and throttle lockout
move freely and that the return springs work properly.
Start the chain saw and apply full throttle. Release the
throttle control and check that the chain stops and
remains stationary. If the chain rotates when the
throttle control is in the idle position you should check
the carburetor idle adjustment.
Chain catcher
Check that the chain catcher is not damaged and is firmly
attached to the body of the chain saw.