Husqvarna 1151435-95 Chainsaw User Manual

English 23
5 Take great care when cutting a tree that is under
tension. A tree that is under tension may spring back
to its normal position before or after being cut. If you
position yourself incorrectly or make the cut in the
wrong place the tree may hit you or the machine and
cause you to lose control. Both situations can cause
serious personal injury.
6 Before moving your chain saw switch off the engine
and lock the chain using the chain brake. Carry the
chain saw with the bar and chain pointing backwards.
Fit a guard to the bar before transporting the chain
saw or carrying it for any distance.
7 When you put the chain saw on the ground, lock the
saw chain using the chain brake and ensure you have
a constant view of the machine. Switch the engine off
before leaving your chain saw for any length of time.
General rules
1 If you understand what kickback is and how it happens
then you can reduce or eliminate the element of
surprise. By being prepared you reduce the risk.
Kickback is usually quite mild, but it can sometimes be
very sudden and violent.
2 Always hold the chain saw firmly with your right hand
on the rear handle and your left hand on the front
handle. Wrap your fingers and thumbs around the
handles. You should use this grip whether you are
right-handed or left-handed. This grip minimizes the
effect of kickback and lets you keep the chain saw
under control.
Do not let go of the handles!
3 Most kickback accidents happen during limbing. Make
sure you are standing firmly and that there is nothing
in the way that might make you trip or lose your
Lack of concentration can lead to kickback if the
kickback zone of the bar accidentally touches a
branch, nearby tree or some other object.
Have control over the workpiece. If the pieces you
intend to cut are small and light, they can jam in the
saw chain and be thrown towards you. Even if this
does not need to be a danger, you may be surprised
and lose control of the saw. Never saw stacked logs or
branches without first separating them. Only saw one
log or one piece at a time. Remove the cut pieces to
keep your working area safe.
4 Never use the chain saw above shoulder height
and avoid cutting with the tip of the bar. Never use
the chain saw one-handed!
5 In order to keep control of your saw, always maintain
a firm foothold. Never work on a ladder, in a tree or on
any other insecure support.