Husqvarna 1151435-95 Chainsaw User Manual

34 – English
Changing a broken or worn starter cord
Loosen the screws that hold the starter against the
crankcase and remove the starter.
Pull out the cord approx. 30 cm (12 inches) and hook
it into the notch in the rim of the pulley. Release the
recoil spring by letting the pulley rotate slowly
Undo the screw in the centre of the pulley and remove
the pulley. Insert and fasten a new starter cord to the
pulley. Wind approx. 3 turns of the starter cord onto
the pulley. Connect the pulley to the recoil spring so
that the end of the spring engages in the pulley. Fit the
screw in the center of the pulley. Insert the starter cord
through the hole in the starter housing and the starter
handle. Make a secure knot in the end of the starter
Tensioning the recoil spring
Hook the starter cord in the notch in the pulley and
turn the starter pulley about 2 turns clockwise.
Note! Check that the pulley can be turned an
additional 1/2 turn when the starter cord is pulled all
the way out.
Changing a broken recoil spring
Lift up the starter pulley. See instructions under the
heading Changing a broken or worn starter cord.
Remember that the recoil spring is coiled under
tension in the starter housing.
Remove the cassette with the recoil spring from the
Lubricate the recoil spring with light oil. Fit the
cassette with recoil spring in the starter. Fit the starter
pulley and tension the recoil spring.
Fitting the starter
To fit the starter, first pull out the starter cord and place
the starter in position against the crankcase. Then
slowly release the starter cord so that the pulley
engages with the pawls.
Fit and tighten the screws that hold the starter.
WARNING! When the recoil spring is
wound up in the starter housing it is
under tension and can, if handled
carelessly, pop out and cause personal
Care must be exercised when replacing
the return spring or the starter cord.
Wear protective glasses and protective