Husqvarna 1151435-95 Chainsaw User Manual

English 21
Note! Pull the front hand guard towards the front handle.
The chain brake is now disengaged. Your saw is ready for
Never start a chain saw unless the bar, chain and all
covers are fitted correctly. See instructions under the
heading Assembly. Without a bar and chain attached
to the chain saw the clutch can come loose and cause
serious injury.
The chain brake should be activated when starting.
Se instructions under the heading Start and stop. Do
not drop start. This method is very dangerous
because you may lose control of the saw.
Never start the machine indoors. Exhaust fumes can
be dangerous if inhaled.
Observe your surroundings and make sure that there
is no risk of people or animals coming into contact
with the cutting equipment.
Always hold the saw with both hands. The right hand
should be on the rear handle, and the left hand on the
front handle. All people, whether right or left handed,
should use this grip. Use a firm grip with thumbs and
fingers encircling the chain saw handles.
The engine is stopped by pushing the stop switch to the
stop position.
WARNING! Long term inhalation of the
engine’s exhaust fumes, chain oil mist
and dust from sawdust can represent a
health risk.