Craftsman D2415 Pressure Washer User Manual

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3. Mount the rubber isolator to the frame. To
mount isolator place threaded end of bolt through
the washer.
Next with washer on bolt place threaded end
of bolt through the larger hole in bottom of the
rubber isolator.
Place threaded portion of bolt through the
same hole location the wood plank was
mounted to on the pressure washer.
Next place the tee nut over the threaded
portion of the bolt and use the Allen wrench
provided to tighten isolator to the frame.
4. Connect wand extension to gun. To tighten, turn
knob in clockwise direction. Hand tighten.
5. Remove tie wrap off of high pressure hose. Unwind
high pressure hose and attach the threaded end to
the gun. Tighten with adjustable wrench.
6. Connect high pressure hose to outlet on pressure
washer and hand tighten firmly.
NOTE: Always keep hose away from engine muffler.
Tools Required for Assembly
Adjustable wrench
5 mm Allen wrench (supplied)
Remove Pressure Washer from Carton
Open carton from the top. Locate and remove from
box the handle, gun, wand, chemical hose, oil
parts bag.
Cut carton along dotted lines.
Remove all carton inserts.
Roll unit through opening in carton.
NOTE: The hose is located at the bottom of the
Preparing the Pressure Washer for First Use
Note: Included with your pressure washer is a video
cassette tape on how to prepare your unit for
operation. It is recommended you view this tape before
performing the next steps.
1. Insert handle onto frame.
Insert knobs into the threaded slot in front of
the frame handle and tighten by turning in a
clockwise direction.
Slide bolts into the slot in the side of the frame
handle and tighten the nuts by turning in a
clock-wise direction.
2. Using an adjustable wrench, remove nut from bolt
that attaches board to frame. Remove wood plank
from the frame of the unit. Discard bolt and board.
Tighten knob in
clockwise direction
Insert bolt and tighten
lock nut.