Craftsman D2415 Pressure Washer User Manual

16 - ENG
Engine will not start
6. Chemical build up in chemical
No or low pressure
(initial use)
Will not draw chemicals
1. Low water supply.
1. Water supply must be at least 5 GPM @ 20 PSI.
2. Leak at high pressure hose.
2. Repair leak. Apply Teflon tape if necessary.
3. Nozzle obstructed.
3. Clean nozzle with paper clip or nozzle cleaning
tool, pour water into nozzle end to flush out ob-
4. Water filter screen clogged.
4. Remove and clean filter.
5. Air in hose.
5. Turn off the engine, then the water source.
Disconnect the water source from the pump inlet
and turn the water source on to remove all air
from the hose. When there is a steady stream of
water present, turn water source off. Reconnect
water source to pump inlet and turn on water
source. Squeeze trigger to remove remaining air.
6. Choke lever in the "Choke"
7. Throttle control lever is not in the
"Fast" position.
8. High pressure hose is too long.
6. Move choke to the "No Choke" position.
7. Move throttle control lever to the "Fast" position.
8. Use high pressure hose under 100 feet.
1. No fuel.
2. Pressure builds up after two pulls
on the recoil starter or after initial
3. Not primed or choked.
4. Spark plug wire not attached.
5. Choke lever in the "Choke" position
on a "hot" engine or an engine that
has been exposed to thermal heat
for a long period of time.
1. Add Fuel.
2. Squeeze gun trigger to relieve pressure.
3. Push primer bulb 3 times or choke engine.
4. Attach spark plug wire.
5. Move choke to the "No Choke" position.
1. Adjustment knob on soap nozzle
is turned fully clockwise for less
soap (-).
2. Chemical filter clogged.
3. Chemical screen not in chemical
4. Chemical too thick
5. Pressure hose is too long
2. Clean filter.
3. Insure end of chemical hose is fully submerged
into chemical.
4. Dilute chemical. Chemical should be the same
consistency as water.
5. Lengthen water supply hose instead of pressure
6. Have parts cleaned or replaced by AWSC.
1. Turn knob counterclockwise for more soap (+).