Craftsman D2415 Pressure Washer User Manual

14 - ENG
Shut off the pressure washer and turn off the water
Disconnect spark plug wire.
Pull trigger on gun handle to relieve any water
Disconnect the wand from the gun.
Remove nozzle from the the end of the wand with
the 2mm Allen wrench provided.
Clean the nozzle using the nozzle cleaner provided
or a straightened paper clip. Insert into the nozzle
end and work back and forth until obstructions is
Direct water supply into nozzle end to back flush
loosened particles for 30 seconds.
Reassemble the nozzle to the wand. Tighten
securely to prevent leaks.
Reconnect wand to gun and turn on water supply.
Start pressure washer and place wand into high
pressure setting to test.
The carburetor of your high pressure washer is pre-set
at the factory. The carburetor should not be tampered
with. If your pressure washer is used at an altitude in
excess of 5000 feet consult with your nearest Sears
Service Center regarding high altitude set changes.
Nozzle Cleaning
If the nozzle becomes clogged with foreign materials,
such as dirt, excessive pressure may develop. If the
nozzle becomes partially clogged or restricted, the
pump pressure will pulsate. Clean the nozzle immedi-
ately using the nozzle kit supplied and the following
Engine speed was properly
adjusted at the factory and should
require no additional adjustment. Do not attempt to
change engine speed. If you believe the engine is
running too fast or too slow, take your pressure to a
Sears Authorized Service Center for repair and ad-
High engine speeds are dangerous
and increase the risk of personal
injury or damage to equipment.
Low engine speeds impose a
heavy load on the engine and
could shorten engine life.