Yamaha G SERIES Telescope User Manual

Alt-Az mode is easier to
set up, and easier to
operate. Adjust the
tripod and the mount,
check the bubble on the
mount, make sure it is
A-series can also work
in equatorial mode
If you are not using the
AC adaptor, you need
eight AA batteries.
5. Fit the tray (8) to the lower end of the rod (7), also fit
the three indents to the three legs of tripod, tighten
the tray lock (9). To avoid any damage to the tray or
tripod, please do not use excessive strength.
6. Open the cover of battery box on the side of the
mount (below dovetail), install 8 AA batteries (not
included) appropriately. If you are using 12V AC
adapter, plug the connector to the socket on the other
side of the mount (below altitude lock). Connect hand
controller(3) and mount(5) with retractable cable
(provided). You can pick any one of the two sockets
below altitude lock to plug in.
7. Always adjust the tripod to center the bubble in the
circle on the mount. It is important that the tripod stay
5. Mount
6. Tripod
7. Inner support
8. Tray
9. Tray lock