Yamaha G SERIES Telescope User Manual

The earth’s axis of
rotation is tipped over
about 23.5
from the
People usually use alt-zi
mode to observe land
People usually use
optics that produces
normal images (not
revered, or up-side-
down images) to
observe land objects.
Use slower speed for
fine tuning.
Chapter. 4 How to Observe
4.1 Land Objects
If you want to observe land objects, such as a mountain top or
a bird, you should use “Land” mode. Simply point the
telescope to your target and look through the eye piece. For
certain models, such as Newtonian, the image you see in the
eye piece is up-side down.
If you don’t want to turn on power and use hand controller,
then you need to loosen the telescope’s tripod base lock knob
and Altitude lock so that the telescope can move freely in both
directions. Next, use the viewfinder to locate your target.
Center the target in your eyepiece and tighten the base and
Altitude locks. Then adjust focus.
You can also use the hand controller to observe land objects.
Turn on the power and from the main menu choose “Land
Objects”. If you already have land marks saved in your
system and you want to go to one of those land marks (this is
assuming that the tripod is not moved since you recorded
those land marks), select “GoTo Land Mark” and pick the land
mark you want to observe. If you want to record new land
marks, select “Record New Land Mark”, on the next screen,
use “SPEED” button to choose an appropriate speed, then
use arrow keys to move your telescope to your target. When
the target is centered, press “ENTER”, then give it a
name(with “UP” and “DOWN” arrows you can input alphabets,
with “LEFT” and “RIGHT” to move the cursor). Push “ENTER”
to confirm you input. Next time, you can go to this land mark
by selecting its name in the list under “GoTo Land Mark”
If you use “Land” mode to observe celestial objects in the
night sky, you will notice that stars drift away slowly from your
eyepiece field, and you have to keep adjusting your telescope
to re-center your target. This drift is caused by the rotation of
the Earth. This drift can be countered by using the automatic
tracking feature of GoToNova
4.2 Using Arrow Keys
On our GoToNova
controllers, there are four arrow keys.
You can use these keys to adjust and fine tune your
telescope. To use this function, make sure you tighten both
the Altitude and base locks. Then turn on the power.
With the “User position” screen, press ENTER button to
switch between “Land” and “Cele” mode (upper right corner).
Use SPEED button to adjust the speed (lower right corner).
Use higher speed for initial adjustment. Use lower speed for
fine tuning.
Center your target in your eye piece then adjust the focus.
User position Land
R1h47.8m D32°3.3’
A 89°58.5’ Z 179°11.8’
07-06-06 08:59:20 8x