Simplicity 1693847 Tiller User Manual

How to use this file...(Operators Manuals)
Instructions for
Print Vendors (Paper Manuals)
Paper Size: * 11 x 17
* Body—50 lbs brilliant white offset or equivalent.
* Cover—on pre-printed two-tone “Swash” stock.
Press: * Body—1-color, 2-sided
* Cover imprint —1-color, 1-sided
Bindery:* Saddle Stitch, Face Trim
* Face Trim
COVERS:* This file may contain several manuals, which differ only in their covers.
* Covers are all present at the beginning of this file.
* Back cover for a particular manual is the page IMMEDIATELY AFTER the front cover.
• Check the front cover for the individual part number (typically a 171xxxx number).
BODY: The body of the manual is identical, regardless of the cover used.
* REMEMBER: ODD number pages are ALWAYS right hand pages, and EVEN number are ALWAYS
left hand pages.
General: * This instruction page is NOT part of the manual and must NOT be printed.
• Pages labeled with the text “THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY BLANK” are placement pages ONLY,
and should NOT be printed.