Craftsman 919.670280 Pressure Washer User Manual

Stopping Your Pressure Washer
CAUTION: Do not run pump without the
water supply connected and turned on. Failure
to do so will result in pump damage.
Move throttle control to the stop position to turn
pressure washer off.
Simply shutting OFF engine will not release pres-
sure in the system. After engine has stopped,
squeeze the trigger on the spray gun for about 3
seconds to relieve pressure. Spray stream will
decrease in length.
IMPORTANT: This unit is equipped with a thermal relief
valve. If unit is allowed to run for several minutes
without pressing the trigger on the spray gun, several
drops of water may be released through this valve to
cool the unit. This small amount of water will drip from
the bottom of the pump.
Your pressure washer engine is 4 cycle. Use unleaded
fuel only.
CAUTION: Do not overfill the fuel tank.
Always allow room for fuel expansion.
WARNING: Never fill fuel tank indoors. To
avoid explosion and injury, never fill fuel tank
when engine is running or hot. Do not smoke
or have open flame when filling fuel tank.
WARNING: Read Owner’s Manual. Do not
attempt to operate equipment until you have
read Owners Manual for Safety, Operation, and
Maintenance Instructions.
WARNING: Never adjust spray pattern when
spraying. Never put hands in front of spray
nozzle to adjust spray pattern you could be
Note: Included with your unit is a video cassette that
demonstrates how to operate your pressure washer.
If you have a video cassette recorder you should view
the video before operation.
Before Starting The Engine
To operate the engine you will need to do the following.
CAUTION: Always check engine oil level
before every start. Running engine low of oil or
out of oil could result in serious damage.
Engine Oil
Your unit has been shipped without oil in the engine. A
bottle of SAE 30 weight oil is included in the carton.
Remove oil dip stick located on top of the engine. Oil
capacity is about 20 ounces of oil. The oil dip stick is
clearly marked with a line that tells you when unit has
enough oil. To check oil, place dipstick into oil fill.
Tighten dipstick then remove. Do not fill above this
point. Pour slowly.
NOTE: When adding oil to the engine crankcase, use a
high quality detergent oil classified “For Service SF,
SG, SH”, rated SAE 30 weight. Use no special addi-
tives. Select the oil’s viscosity grade according to your
expected operating temperatures.
Although multi-viscosity oils (5W30, 10W30, etc.)
improve starting in cold weather, these multi-viscosity
oils will result in increased oil consumption when used
above 40°F. Check your engine oil level more frequently
to avoid possible damage from running low on oil. Oil
sump capacity is 20 ounces.
colder <——-----———40°F——————> warmer
Synthetic 5W-30 l SAE 30