Craftsman 919.670280 Pressure Washer User Manual

How To Use Your Pressure Washer
Adjusting Chemical Flow
Turn the knob on the high pressure soap wand to
adjust the soap flow. Turn knob counterclockwise
for more soap (+) and clockwise for less soap (-).
Adjusting Fan Spray
The nozzle at the end of the high pressure soap
wand can be rotated to change the high pressure
spray pattern from a narrow jet to a 50
fan shape,
as shown.
Using Soaps/Chemicals
IMPORTANT: Use soaps and chemicals that are
designed specifically for use with pressure washers.
To apply soaps/chemicals follow these steps:
Prepare the soap/chemical as required for your job.
Press one end of the clear soap hose (supplied)
onto the barb fitting on the high pressure soap
Place the other end of the soap hose into the
container of pressure washer approved cleaning
fluid. (soap/chemicals and container not included).
Start the pressure washer as outlined in the “To
Start Your Pressure Washer” paragraph on page 9.
WARNING: Stand on a stable surface and
grip gun/wand firmly with both hands. Expect
the gun to kick when triggered.
Depress the trigger on the gun to begin spraying.
Release trigger to stop spraying.
CAUTION: DO NOT stop spraying water for
more than two minutes at a time. Pump
operates in bypass mode when spray gun
trigger is not pressed. If pump is left in bypass
mode for more than two minutes internal
components of the pump can be damaged.
Adjust the fan spray and soap flow. See Adjusting
Chemical Flow and Adjusting Fan Spray.
WARNING: Risk of injection or injury to
person. DO NOT direct discharge stream
toward persons.
Apply soap/chemicals to dry surface, starting from
the bottom and working up.
Allow the soap/chemicals to soak in between 3-5
minutes before washing and rinsing.
When rinsing on high pressure, start at lower
portion of area to be washed and work upward,
using long, even, overlapping strokes.
After use of chemical, spray clean water through
soap hose.
50° fan spray
narrow jet
Soap Knob
+ more soap
- less soap
Barb Fitting