Craftsman 580.76804 Pressure Washer User Manual

Engage the safety latch on the spray gun.
Attach adjustable nozzle extension onto spray gun.
Move choke lever to "CHOKE" position.
Note: If restarting a warm engine after e short
shutdown, move choke lever to "RUN."
Move engine control to =ON."
Note: The Pressure Command TM may be placed in
any position dudng starting or operation.
i hen the engine starts, gradually move the choke
control from one position to the next until it is in the
Disengage the spray gun safety latch.
Move the engine control switch to the "OFF"
Turn fuel shut-off valve to "ON" position.
Grasp starter handle and pull slowly until you feel
some resistance. T_en pull cord rapidly to
overcome compression, prevent kickback and start
the engine. Let rope retum to starter slowly.
Note: If after 3 pulls the engine fails to start,
disengage the spray gun safety latch, squeeze the
tdgger to relive water pressure, re-engage the spray
gun safety latch, move the choke control to the "Run"
position and pull the recoil starter handle rapidly (three
pulls maximum).
Tum fuel shut-off valve to "OFF" position.
Simply shutting off the engine will not release
pressure in the system. Squeeze tdgger on the
spray gun to relieve pressure in the hose.
Note: A small amount of water will squirt out when
you release the pressure.
Rotate the Dial-A-Cleaner TM selector knob to the
"OFF" position to prevent chemical leakage.
DO NOT siphon standing water for your water supply.
Contaminated, brackish or dirtywater can damage the
pump. Connect only to household water supply.
Never use the garden hose inlet to siphon
detergent or wax.
If you hold the spray nozzle too far away from the
object being cleaned, washing will not be as
Always store the cleaning system with the Dial-A-
Cleaner TM selector knob to the =OFF" position.