Craftsman 580.76804 Pressure Washer User Manual

The following are specific provisions relative to your
Emissions Control Defects Warranty Coverage. It is in
addition to the B&S engine warranty for non-regulated
engines found in the Operator/Owner's Manual.
1. Warranted Parts
Coverage under this warranty extends only to the
parts listed below (the emission control systems
parts) to the extent these parts were present on the
engine purchased.
a. Fuel Metedng System
Cold start endchment system (soft choke)
Carburetor and internal parts
Fuel Pump
b. Air Induction System
Air cleaner
Intake manifold
--c. Ignition system
Spark Plugs
Magneto ignition system
d. Catalyst System
Catalyst converter
Exhaust manifold
Air injection system or pulse valve
e. Miscellaneous Items Used in Above Systems
Vacuum, temperature, position, time sensitive
valves and switches
Connectors and Assemblies
2. Length of Coverage
B&S warrants to the initial owner and each
subsequent purchaser that the Warranted Parts
shall be free from defects in matehals and
workmanship which caused the failure of the
Warranted Parts for a pedod of two years from the
date the engine is delivered to a retail pumhaser.
3. No Charge
Repair or replacement of any Warranted Part will
be performed at no charge to the owner, including
diagnostic labor which leads to the determination
that a Warranted Part is defective, ifthe diagnostic
work is performed at an Authorized B&S Service
Dealer. for emissions warranty service contact your
nearest Authorized B&S Dealer as listedin the
=Yellow Pages" under "Engines, Gasoline,"
=Gasoline Engines," =Lawn Mowers" or similar
4. Claims and Coverage Exclusions
W_.rranty claims should be filed in accordance with
the previsions of the B&S Engine Warranty Policy.
Warranty coverage shall be excluded for failures of
Warranted Parts which are not odginal B&S parts
or because of abuse, neglect or improper
maintenance as set forth in the B&S Engine
Warrar_ty Policy. B&S is not liable to cover failures
of Warranted Parts caused bythe use of add-on,
non-odginal, or modified parts.
5. Maintenance
Any Warranted Part which is not scheduledfor
replacement as required by maintenance or which
is scheduled only for regular inspectionto the effect
of "repair or replace as nedessary" shall be
warranted as to defects for the warranty pedod.
Any Warranted part which is scheduled for
replacement as required by maintenance shall be
warranted as to defects only for the pedod of time
up to the first scheduled replacement for that part.
Any replacement part that is equivalent in
performance and durability may be used in the
performance of any maintenance or repairs.The
owner is responsible for the performance of all
required maintenance, as defined in the B&S
Operator/Owner Manual.
Consequential Coverage
Coverage here under shall extend to the failure of
any engine Components caused by the failure of
any Warranted Part still under warranty.