Craftsman 580.76804 Pressure Washer User Manual

Operate engine govemed speed. Running
the engine at excess=ve speeds increases the
hazard of personal injury. Do not tamper with parts
which may increase or decrease the governed
Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry or anything
that may be caught in the starter or other rotating
Before starting the cleaning system in cold
weather, check all parts of the equipment and be
sure ice has not formed there.
Units with broken or missing parts, or without
protective housing or covers should NEVER be
The muffler and dual element air cleaner must be
installed and in good condition before operating
the cleaning system. These components act as
spark arrestors if the engine backfires.
Check the fuel system for leaks or signs of
deterioration such as chafed or spongy hose,
loose or missing clamps or damaged tank or "cap.
Correct all defects before operating the cleaning
Do not spray flammable liquids.
Never allow any part of the body to come in
contact with the fluid stream. DO NOT come in
contact with a fluid stream created 6y a leak in the
high pressure hose.
High pressure streams of fluid this equipment
produces can pierce skin and its underlying
tissues, leading to serious injury and possible
Never aim the gun at people, animals or plants.
High pressure spray can cause paint chips or
other particles to become airbome and fly at high
Always wear eye protection when you use this
equipment or when you are in the vicinitywhere
the equipment is in use.
Operate the pressure at no more than the PSI fluid
pressure rat_l for,your cleaning system.
Never move the machine by pulling on the high
pressure hose. Use the handle provided on the
top of the unit.
Always be certain the spray gun, nozzles and
accessories are correctly attached.
Never use a spray gun which does not have a
trigger lock or tdgger guard in place and in
working order.
Use a respirator or mask whenever there is a
chanci_ that vapors may be inhaled. Read all
instructions with the mask so you are certain the
mask will provide the necessary protection against
inhaling harmful vapors.
High pressure spray may damage fragile items
including glass. Do not point spray gun at glass
when in the jet spray mode:
Keep the hose connected to machine or the spray
gun while the system is pressurized.
DiSconnecting the hose while the unit is
pressurized is dangerous.
Hold the spray gun firmly in your hand before you
start the unit. Failure to do so could result in an
injury from a whipping spray gun. Do not leave the
spray gun unattended while the machine is
The cleaning area should have adequate slopes
and drainage to reduce the possibility of a fall due
to slippery surfaces.
Keep water spray away from electric widng or fatal
electdc shock may result.
Do not secure tdgger gun in the pull-back (open)
Do not by-pass any safety device on this machine.
The muffler and engine heat up dudng operation
and remain hot immediately after shutting it down.
Avoid contact with a hot muffler or engine or you
could be severely burned.
Operate and store this unit on a stable surface.
Always store cleaning system with the
Dial-a-.Cleaner TM knob in the OFF position.
High pressure hose can develop leaks from wear,
kinking, abuse, etc. Water spraying from a leak is
capable of injecting matedal into skin. Inspect
hose each time before using it. Check all hoses for
cuts, leaks, abrasions or bulging of cover, or
damage or movement of couplings. If any of these
conditions exist, replace hose immediately. Never
repair high pressure hose. Replace it with another
hose that meets minimum pressure rating of your
cleaning system.