Craftsman 580.76804 Pressure Washer User Manual

Insert wire into nozzle and turn back
and forth to clear obstruction.
Remove additional debris by back flushing water
supply through wand. Back flush between 30 to 60
seconds. Turn wand to stream spray and move
nozzle from low to high pressure while flushing.
2 O-rings, yellow, (pin B2264) for the ends ofthe
high pressure hose.
Note: The above two o-rings are close in size.
Please match carefully to assure proper o-ring
i 1 rubber washer (p/n B2385) for the inside of the
. garden hose connector.
1 water inlet screen (p/n B2384) for the garden
hose connector.
Reinstall nozzle into wand. DO NOT overtighten.
Reconnect wand extension to spray gun.
Reconnect the water supply, turn ON the water,
and start the engine.
Test the cleaning System by-opefafin_'with "nozzle
in the high and the low pressure positions.
O-Ring Maintenance
Through the normal operation of your cleaning
system, the o-rings keep the connections of the
hoses and gun tight and leak-free. They may become
wom or damaged with use. Provided with your
cleaning system is an O-Ring Maintenance Kit
containing replacement o-rings, a rubber washer and
a garden hose inlet screen.
To remove a worn or damaged O-Ring:
Use a small flathead screwdriver to get
underneath the o-ring and pry it off.
Parts in the O-Ring Kit Include:
1 O-ring, red, (p/n B2726) for the end of the spray
gun connection between gun and higWIow spray