Craftsman 580.76804 Pressure Washer User Manual

BEFORE STARTING THE CLEANING WARNING! Do not oven'illthe fuel tank.
SYSTEM Always leave room for expansion.
To operatethe engineyouwillneedtodothe following:
Add Engine Oil
Only use high quality detergent oil rated with API
service classification SF, SG or SH. Select the oil's
SAE viscosity grade according to your expected
operating temperature:
colder _ 40°F _ warmer
< I
5W30 SAE 30
Although multi-viscosity oils (5W30, 10W30, etc.)
improve starting in cold weather, these multi-viscosity
.oils will result in increased oil consumption when used
above 40°F. Check your engine oil level more
frequently to avoid possible damage from running low
on oil.
Place cleaning system on a level surface
Clean area around oil fill and remove oil fill cap.
Pour oil from enclosed bottle into the oil fill opening
until oil reaches the point of overflowing. Do not
Installoil fillcap, handtighten securely.
Add Gasoline
Use regular unleaded gasolinewiththe cleaning
systemengine. Fueltank capacity is 3 U.S. quarts.
,_ C'AUTION! Experience indicates that alcohol
blended fuels (calledgasohol or using ethanol
or methanol) can attract moisture which leads to
separation and formation of acids during
storage. Acidic gas can damage the fuel system
of an engine while in storage.
To add fuel to engine:
Clean area around fuel cap, remove cap.
Aad regular unleaded gasoline, slowly, to the fuel
Important: Never mix oil with gasoline.
Install fuel cap and wipe up any spilled gasoline.
The best way to start your cleaning system engine for
the first time is to follow these instructions step-by-
step. This starting information also applies whenever
you start the engine after you have let the cleaning
system sit idle for at least a day.
Place the cleaning system in an area close enough
to an outside water source that can flow at a rate of
at least 3.0 gallons per minute. Connect a garden
hose to the water spout.
Check that the high pressure hose istightly
connected to the spray gun and to the pump. See
ASSEMBLY section on page 4.
Check inlet screen on the water inlet. If the screen
is dirty, clean before attaching a garden hose. Ifthe
screen is damaged, do not connect to the garden
hose. Replace with screen provided in maintenance
kit or call 1-.800-366-PART to order a replacement
inlet screen.
Attach the the garden hose to the water inlet.
Turn on the water.
,_ CAUTIONt Do not run pump without the water
supply connected and tumed on. You must
follow this caution or the pump will be damaged.
Remove the adjustable nozzle extension from the
,spray gun.
Pull the trigger on the spray gun and hold until a
steady stream of water flows from the gun.
,_ DANGER! Never fill fuel tank indoors. Never
fill fuel tank when engine is running or hot. Do
not smoke when filling fuel tank.
,_ DANGER! Do not operate or refuel enginewith spark plug access hole cover removed.
Allow engine to cool 2 minutes before refueling.