Briggs & Stratton 120000 Lawn Mower User Manual

Running engines produce heat.
Engine parts, especially muffler,
become extremely hot.
Severe thermal burns can occur on
Combustible debris, such as leaves,
grass, brush, etc. can catch fire.
Allow muffler, engine cylinder and fins to cool
before touching.
Remove accumulated debris from muffler area
and cylinder area.
Install and maintain in working order a spark
arrester before using equipment on
forest-covered, grass-covered, brush-covered
unimproved land. The state of California
requires this (Section 4442 of the California
Public Resources Code). Other states may
have similar laws. Federal laws apply on
federal land.
Before performing adjustments or repairs:
Disconnect the spark plug wire and keep it
away from the spark plug.
Disconnect battery at negative terminal
(only engines with electric start.)
Use only correct tools.
Do not tamper with governor spring, links or
other parts to increase engine speed.
Do not strike the flywheel with a hammer or
hard object because the flywheel may later
shatter during operation.
When testing for spark:
Use approved spark plug tester.
Do not check for spark with spark plug
Unintentional sparking can result in
fire or electric shock.
Unintentional start-up can result in
entanglement, traumatic amputation,
or laceration.