Husqvarna 254XP, 257, 262XP Chainsaw User Manual

English – 7
5 Vibration damping system
Your chain saw is equipped
with a vibration damping
system that is designed to
minimise vibrations and make
operation easier.
When you use a chain saw
vibrations are generated by
the uneven contact between
the chain and the wood you
are cutting.
Cutting hardwoods (most
broadleaf trees) creates more
vibration than cutting
softwoods (most conifers).
Cutting with a chain that is
blunt or faulty (wrong type or
badly sharpened, see section
D) will increase the vibration
The vibration damping system
reduces the vibrations
transmitted from the engine
and chain to the handles of
the chain saw. The body of
the saw, including the cutting
equipment, is insulated from
the handles by vibration
damping units.
Overexposure to vibration can lead to
circulatory damage or nerve damage in people
who have impaired circulation.
Contact your doctor if you experience
symptoms of overexposure to vibration.
These symptoms include numbness, loss of
feeling, tingling, pricking, pain, loss of
strength, changes in skin colour or condition.
These symptoms normally appear in the
fingers, hands or wrists.
The exhaust fumes from the engine are hot
and may contain sparks which can start a fire.
Never start the saw indoors or near
combustible material!
The muffler gets very hot in use and remains
so for a short time afterwards. DO NOT
6 Stop switch
Use the stop switch to switch
off the engine.
7 Muffler
The muffler is designed to keep noise levels to a minimum and
to direct exhaust fumes away from the user.
In countries with a hot climate
there is a high risk of forest
fires. Our chain saws are
therefore fitted with a SPARK
Check whether your saw is
fitted with such a mesh.
With this type of muffler it is
very important that you follow
the instructions on checking,
maintaining and servicing your
saw (see the section on
”Inspecting, maintaining and
servicing chain saw safety