Husqvarna 254XP, 257, 262XP Chainsaw User Manual

30 – English
Starter device
When the recoil spring is assembled in the starter
housing, it is in tensioned position and can when
treated carelessly, pop out and cause injuries.
Always be careful, when changing the recoil spring or
the starter cord. Always wear safety goggles for eye
Tensioning the recoil spring
Lift the starter cord up in the
notch on the starter pulley
and turn the starter pulley 2
turns clockwise.
NOTE! Check that the
starter pulley can be turned
at least half a turn, when the
starter cord is entirely pulled
Starter device assembly
Assemble the starter
device, by pulling the starter
cord out first, then place the
starter against the
crankcase. Then slowly
release the starter cord so
that the pulley engages with
the pawls.
Assemble and tighten the
screws, which hold the
Changing the broken recoil spring
Lift the starter pulley. (See
”Changing a broken or worn
starter cord”)
. The recoil
spring is disassembled from
the starter device, with its
inside facing down. Tap the
starter lightly against a
working bench or similar.
Put a new recoil spring in
the right position. If the
spring pops out when
assembling, it should be
mounted again, out and in
towards the centre.
Lubricate the recoil spring
with thin oil. Assemble the
starter pulley, and tension
the recoil spring.
Changing a broken or worn
starter cord
Loosen the screws, that
hold the starter device
against the crankcase and
remove the starter device.
Pull out the cord approx. 30
cm and lift it up into the
notch in the pulley. Zero-set
the recoil spring by letting
the pulley rotate slowly
backwards. Undo the screw
in the centre of the pulley
and remove the pulley.
Insert and fasten a new
starter cord in the pulley.
Wind approx. 3 turns of the
starter cord on to the pulley.
Assemble the starter pulley
against the recoil spring, so
the end of the spring
engages to the pulley. Fit
the screw in the centre of
the pulley. Carry the starter
cord through the hole in the
starter housing and the
starter handle. Make a knot
on the starter cord.