Craftsman 580.751781 Pressure Washer User Manual

1, Pull nozzlebackwardfor high
Pump has following problems: 1 Nozzle in lowpressure mode.
failure to produce pressure, erratic
pressure,chattadng, loss of pressure, 2. Low regulator pressure
lowwater volume. 3 Water inlet Is blocked.
4. Inadequate watersupply
5r Inlet hose is kinked orleaking
6 Clogged inlethose strainer,
7. Detergent line is not submerged.
8. Water supply is over 140°F.
9. Outlet hose is blocked or leaks.
10o Gun leaks,
11, Nozzle is obstructed.
12. Pump is faulty.
Detergent fails to mix with spray,
1. Detergent line is not submerged_
2, Chemical filter is clogged
3 Nozzle is in high pressure mode,
2. Adjust rogulator to desired setttng_
3. Clear inlet
4. Provide adequatawater flow.
5. Straighten inlethose, patch leak,
6. Check and clean inlet hose strainer,
7. Submerge detergent line,
8, Provide cooler water supply.
9. Clear blocks In outlet hose.
10. Replace gun.
11. Clear nozzle,
12. Contact Sears Service Department.
4. Chemical adjuster is closed. 4.
Enginerunsgood at no-load but "hogs Engine speed istoo slow, Contact Sears Service Department_
Low oillevel
Dirtyair cleaner
Engine willnot start;or starts 1,
and runs rough 2.
l r Insert chemical line into detergant_
2, Clean or replacefilter/detergent line.
3 Push nozzle forward for
low pressure mode.
Open chemical adjustsrr
1 Fillcrankcaseto proper level
2. Clean or replaceair cleaner,
Engine shuts down during operation
Out of gasoline, 3.
Stale gasoline_ 4.
Spark plug wirenot connected 5.
to sparkplug
Bad sparkplug, 6_
Water ingasoline. 7_
Overchoking 8,
Excessivelyrich fuel mixtura_ 9.
Intake valve stuck open or closed, 10,
Engine has lost compression. 11.
1. Out of gasoline,
2 Low oil level.
Fillfuel tank.
Drain gas tank; fillwithfreshfuel,
Connect wireto spark plug.
Replace spark plug.
Drain gas tank; fillwithfresh fuel,
Open choke fully and crank engine.
Contact Sears Service Department.
Contact Sears Service Department.
Contact Sears Service Department.
1. Fill fuel tank,
2 Fill crankcase to proper level
Engine lacks power, Dirtyair filter° Replaceair filter
Engine "hunts" or falters Choke is opened too soon.
Move choke to halfwayposition
until engine runssmoothly_