Chicago Electric 90300 Portable Generator User Manual

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Powering Tools And Equipment:
1. Prior to powering tools and equipment, make sure the Generator’s rated voltage,
wattage, and amperage capacity (120V/ 20 AMP and 240V/ 20 AMP) is adequate to
supply all electrical loads that the unit will power. If powering exceeds the Generator’s
capacity, it may be necessary to group one or more of the tools and/or equipment for
connection to a separate Generator.
2. Once the Generator is running, simply connect the Power Cords of 120 volt powered
tools and equipment into the 120 volt Outlets (43). If a 240 volt tool or equipment is
used, connect its power cord into the 240 volt Twistlock Outlet (44). (See Figure I.)
3. NOTE: The Generator features
AC Non-Fuse Overload Breakers (42) to protect
the AC circuit in case of an overload. Should an overload occur one or both of the
Breakers will “trip”, interrupting the circuit (disconnecting power to the connected
tools and/or equipment). In this case, refer to Step #1 in this section. Then, reset
the circuitry system by depressing the Breaker(s). Restart the Generator and
continue powering the remaining tools and equipment. (See Figure I.)
120/240 V
4. When finished using the Generator, turn the ON/OFF switch on the engine’s fan
shroud to its “OFF” position, and remove the Ignition Key from the Ignition Switch
(45). (See Figure H.)
5. After the Engine and Generator have completely cooled, store the Generator in a
safe, clean, dry location (if not already installed in one).
REV 06/04; REV 03/06