Yard-Man 53AA1A3G401 Lawn Mower User Manual

Figure 17
Changing The Fuse
The fuse can be located on a wiring harness in a
protective cover between the engine and the
Remove the old fuse and replace with same rated
The battery is sealed and is maintenance free. Acid
levels can not be checked.
Always keep the battery, cables, and terminals
clean and free of corrosive build-up.
After cleaning the battery and terminals, apply a
light coat of petroleum jelly or grease to the
terminals and over the positive terminal boot.
Always keep the boot positioned over the positive
terminal to prevent shorting.
If removing the battery for any reason,
disconnect the NEGATIVE (Black) wire from its
terminal first, follow by the POSITIVE (Red) wire. When
reinstalling the battery, always connect the POSITIVE
(Red) wire to its terminal first and the NEGATIVE
(Black) wire second. Be certain that the wires are
connected to the correct terminals.
If the unit has not been in use for an extended period of
time, charge the battery with an automotive-type 12-volt
charger for a minimum of one hour at six amps. Never
store battery without a full charge.
The two front wheels are caster wheels that swivel to
accommodate the direction of the Z-Series. The two
rear wheels are used to propel the Z-Series in the
direction of input from the drive handles. Inflation
pressure of the tires is important for stability while the Z-
Series is in operation. See tire side wall for proper
inflation pressure.
WARNING: Periodically inspect the blade
adapter for cracks, especially if you strike
a foreign object. Replace when necessary.
Removing The Drive Belt
Visually inspect the drive belt for wear and cracking. If
the drive belt shows signs of glazing, fraying, cracking
or excess wear it needs to be replaced. Follow these
steps to replace the drive belt.
Set parking brake and remove the mower deck belt
from the engine pulley. See Removing the Mower in
MOWER DECK section.
Locate the drive belt and roll drive belt down off the
left drive pulley.
Then roll the drive belt down off the right drive
pulley and remove the drive belt from the engine
Carefully pull the belt up and over the right
hydrostatic cooling fan and then lift up and over the
left hydrostatic cooling fan.
Pull the drive belt out of the unit.
Installing Drive Belt
Set the parking brake and insert drive belt up and
over the left and right hydostatic cooling fans. Do
not place the belt into the drive pulley groves at this
Place the drive belt into the top groove of the
engine pulley and route the belt to the inside of the
idler pulley.
Roll the belt up into the groove of the left drive
pulley and roll the belt up into the groove of the right
drive pulley.
Make sure that the belt is seated in all pulley
grooves and release the parking brake.
The drive belt should be tightened by the idler
pulley if the belt was installed correctly.
Check the belt for correct routing and reinstall the
mower deck.