Troy-Bilt TB25ET Trimmer User Manual

Read the instructions carefully. Be familiar with the
controls and proper use of the unit.
Do not operate this unit when tired, ill, or under the
influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication.
Children and teens under the age of 15 must not use
the unit, except for teens guided by an adult.
All guards and safety attachments must be installed
properly before operating the unit.
Inspect the unit before use. Replace damaged parts.
Check for fuel leaks. Make sure all fasteners are in
place and secure. Replace parts that are cracked,
chipped, or damaged in any way. Do not operate the
unit with loose or damaged parts.
Carefully inspect the area before starting the unit.
Remove all debris and hard or sharp objects such as
glass, wire, etc.
Be aware of the risk of injury to the head, hands and
Clear the area of children, bystanders, and pets. At a
minimum, keep all children, bystanders, and pets
outside a 50 feet (15 m.) radius; there still may be a
risk to bystanders from thrown objects. Bystanders
should be encouraged to wear eye protection. If you
are approached, stop the unit immediately.
Use only 0.095 inch (
2.41 mm) diameter original
equipment manufacturer replacement line. Never use
metal-reinforced line, wire or rope. These can break
off and become dangerous projectiles.
Squeeze the throttle control and check that it returns
automatically to the idle position. Make all adjustments
or repairs before using unit.
This unit was not designed to be used as a
brushcutter. Do not attach or operate this unit with any
type of brushcutting attachment.
Store fuel only in containers specifically designed and
approved for the storage of such materials.
Avoid creating a source of ignition for spilled fuel. Do
not start the engine until fuel vapors dissipate.
Always stop the engine and allow it to cool before filling
the fuel tank. Never remove the cap of the fuel tank, or
add fuel, when the engine is hot. Never operate the unit
without the fuel cap securely in place. Loosen the fuel
tank cap slowly to relieve any pressure in the tank.
The purpose of safety symbols is to attract your
attention to possible dangers. The safety symbols,
and their explanations, deserve your careful attention
and understanding. The safety warnings do not by
themselves eliminate any danger. The instructions or
warnings they give are not substitutes for proper
accident prevention measures.
NOTE: Advises you of information or instructions vital to
the operation or maintenance of the equipment.
When using the unit,
you must follow the
safety rules. Please read these instructions
before operating the unit in order to ensure
the safety of the operator and any bystanders.
Please keep these instructions for later use.
Failure to obey a
safety warning can
result in injury to yourself and others.
Always follow the safety precautions to
reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and
personal injury.
Failure to obey a
safety warning will
result in serious injury to yourself or to
others. Always follow the safety precautions
to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and
personal injury.
Failure to obey a
safety warning may
result in property damage or personal injury
to yourself or to others. Always follow the
safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire,
electric shock and personal injury.
warning or caution. Attention is required in
order to avoid serious personal injury. May
be used in conjunction with other symbols
or pictographs.
Gasoline is highly
flammable, and its
vapors can explode if ignited. Take the
following precautions:
Read the Operator’s Manual(s) and follow all
warnings and safety instructions.
Failure to do so can result in serious injury to the
operator and/or bystanders.
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