Troy-Bilt TB25ET Trimmer User Manual

NOTE: Do not rest the Bump Head™ on the ground
while the unit is running.
Some line breakage will occur from:
Entanglement with foreign matter
Normal line fatigue
Attempting to cut thick, stalky weeds
Forcing the line into objects such as walls or fence
Keep the cutting attachment parallel to the ground.
Do not force the cutting attachment. Allow the tip of
the line to do the cutting, especially along walls.
Cutting with more than the tip will reduce cutting
efficiency and may overload the engine.
Cut grass over 8 inches (200 mm) by working from
top to bottom in small increments to avoid
premature line wear or engine drag.
•Cut from right to left whenever possible. Cutting to
the left improves the unit's cutting efficiency.
Clippings are thrown away from the operator.
Slowly move the trimmer into and out of the cutting
area at the desired height. Move either in a forward-
backward or side-to-side motion. Cutting shorter
lengths produces the best results.
Trim only when grass and weeds are dry.
The life of your cutting line is dependent upon:
Following the trimming techniques
What vegetation is being cut
Where vegetation is cut
For example, the line will wear faster when trimming
against a foundation wall as opposed to trimming
around a tree.
Before operating the unit, stand in the operating position
(Fig. 12). Check for the following:
The operator is wearing eye protection and proper
With a slightly-bent right arm, the operator’s hand is
holding the shaft grip
The operator’s left arm is straight, the left hand
holding the J-handle
The unit is at waist level
The cutting attachment is parallel to the ground and
easily contacts the grass without the need to bend ove
Fig. 12
The Bump Head™ cutting attachment allows you to
release trimming line without stopping the engine. To
release more line, lightly tap the cutting attachment on the
ground (Fig. 13) while operating the trimmer at high speed.
NOTE: Always keep the trimming line fully extended.
Line release becomes more difficult when the
cutting line gets shorter.
Fig. 13
Each time the head is bumped, about 1 inch (25.4 mm)
of trimming line releases. A blade in the cutting
attachment shield will cut the line to the proper length if
any excess line is released.
For best results, tap the bump knob on bare ground or
hard soil. If you attempt a line release in tall grass, the
engine may stall. Always keep the trimming line fully
extended. Line release becomes more difficult when the
cutting line gets shorter.
Do not remove or alter
the line cutting blade
assembly. Excessive line length will make the
clutch overheat. This may lead to serious
personal injury or damage to the unit.
Always wear eye,
hearing, foot and
body protection to reduce the risk of injury
when operating this unit.