Simplicity 755 Snow Blower User Manual

1. Make sure all safety guards are in place and all nuts,
bolts and clips are secure.
2. Check the engine oil level. See your engine Owner’s
Manual for procedure and specifications.
3. Check to make sure spark plug wire is attached and
spark plug is tightened securely. If necessary, torque
spark plug to 15 ft. lbs.
4. Check the fuel supply. Fill the tank no closer than 1/4
to 1/2 inch of top of tank to provide space for expan-
sion. See your engine Owner’s Manual for fuel rec-
5. Check the Scraper Bar to make sure it is set at the
desired height. Adjust the Skid Shoes if necessary.
(See page 10.)
6. Check the Drive Control (B, Figure 1), and Auger
Control (C, Figure 1) for proper operation. If adjust-
ment is required, see the Service section (pages 16-
17) for procedures.
7. Check the Chute Direction Control (D, Figure 1) for
proper operation. The discharge chute should rotate
freely in both directions. See the Service section for
adjustment procedures and troubleshooting.
8. Check the Chute Deflector (E, Figure 1) for proper
operation. The deflector should pivot freely up and
down when the Chute Deflector Knob is loosened. If
adjustment is required, see the Service Section for
9. Position the chute at the desired starting direction
and set the deflector at the desired angle.
10.Check the Speed Selector (A, Figure 1) for smooth
operation. The control must move freely into each
speed position gate and remain in position when
released. If the Speed Selector does not move freely
into all forward and reverse speed positions, contact
your local authorized dealer for assistance.
For your safety, operation on slopes should be in an
up and down direction only. If it becomes necessary
to move across the face of a slope, use caution and
do not blow snow. Be very careful when changing
direction on a slope.
Proper winter footwear is recommended for the
operator to help prevent slipping. Never attempt to
clean snow from excessively steep slopes. The
maximum slope for any operation is 17.7% (10º).
Gasoline is highly flammable and must be handled
with care. Never fill the tank when the engine is hot or
running. Always move outdoors to fill the tank. Keep
snowthrower and gasoline away from open flame or
To avoid serious injury, do not put your hands into
the auger housing or discharge chute. If auger stalls
or chute becomes plugged, use the following proce-
dure to remove objects or clear the chute:
1. Release both the Drive and Auger Control levers.
2. Shut off the engine.
3. Remove the Engine Key.
4. Wait for moving parts to stop.
5. Disconnect spark plug wire.
6. Use a narrow board to remove foreign objects
and clear the chute or auger. Never put your
hands into the auger or discharge chute.