Simplicity 755 Snow Blower User Manual

How to use this file...(Operators Manuals)
Instructions for
Print Vendors (Paper Manuals)
Paper Size: * 11 x 17
* Body—50 lbs brilliant white offset or equivalent.
* Cover—on pre-printed two-tone “Swash” stock.
Press: * Body—1-color, 2-sided
* Cover imprint —1-color, 1-sided
Bindery: * Saddle Stitch, Face Trim, 3-Hole Drill
* Face Trim
COVERS: * This file contains several manuals, which differ only in their covers.
* Covers are all present at the beginning of this file.
* Back cover for a particular manual is the page IMMEDIATELY AFTER the front cover.
• Check the front cover for the individual part number (typically a 171xxxx number).
BODY: The body of the manual is identical, regardless of the cover used.
* REMEMBER: ODD number pages are ALWAYS right hand pages, and EVEN number are ALWAYS
left hand pages.
General: * This instruction page is NOT part of the manual and must NOT be printed.
• Pages labeled with the text “THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY BLANK” are placement pages ONLY,
and should NOT be printed.
If you have further questions on how to utilize this file, please contact
Simplicity Technical Publications Department at (414) 284-8650.