Poulan 3400 Chainsaw User Manual

The F100 Reduction Drive
chain saw was a highly efficient
and very popular unit with pro-
fessional loggers.
With the need for a lightweight chain
saw becoming apparent, Poulan intro-
duced the Model K100 which was not
only powerful enough for the profes-
sional but was the first practical saw
for the farmer and causal user.
A time of development
1958 was also a year in which Poulan
recognized the need for lighter weight
saws. Poulan met this challenge with its
Model K100, which was powerful enough
for professional use and was the first prac-
tical chain saw for the casual user. In April,
1959, Poulan brought the KD100, a direct
drive companion to the K100, onto the
Thus, through its first 12 years of exis-
tence, the Poulan company had grown and
prospered, and found itself capable of
meeting the challenges of the marketplace
and not only able to compete with other
manufacturers but to outdo them.