Poulan 3400 Chainsaw User Manual

The Poulan Micro XXV (top) is the
standard of the casual user market
today and is one of the main rea-
sons for Poulan’s phenomenal
growth in the 1970’s. Poulan is con-
tinuing its innovative tradition in
the 1980’s with the introduction of
the Model 3400 (bottom) which
offers many of the features of a pro-
fessional saw at a greatly reduced
cost. Over 96,000 man hours and
millions were invested in the devel-
opment of this saw
where the new Micro XXV models are
now made. The Plant was the company’s
first operation outside of Shreveport’s. It
has now been expanded to over 200,000
square feet.
In 1978, Poulan introduced a new line
of grass and weed trimmers, further
expanding its product line. The market for
such gardening equipment had mush-
roomed in a very short time, and as with
all of Poulan’s history, the company is
moving to a leadership position in the field
as well.
In 1978, the company opened its first
plant in Canada. Located in Markham,
Ontario, this plant made it possible for
Poulan to meet the growing demand in
Canada. Poulan’s expansion has extended
worldwide with the opening of Poulan’s
first European sales office and warehouse
in Bussels, Belgium. Poulan chain saws
and accessories are now sold in every
major market in the world.
Because of Poulan’s innovative engi-
neering and aggressive marketing, it is one
of the largest chain saw manufacturers in
the world and has experienced the greatest
growth of any chain saw manufacturer
over the past 10 years.
The Future
Beaird-Poulan has enjoyed tremendous
success since its humble beginnings in
1946. In a short period of time, Beaird-
Poulan has emerged as one of the most
respected and trusted manufacturers of
chain saws and other fine products. It is the
goal of the company to continue its pro-
gram of developing innovative and reliable
products for the future while at th same
time maintain its historic trend of solid
growth. Beaird Poulan is definitely a com-
pany of the future.