Murray 425007x92B Lawn Mower User Manual

This instruction book is for several different models. The instructions
are written for a person with some mechanical ability. Like most ser-
vice books, not all the steps are described. Steps on how to loosen or
tighten fasteners are steps anyone can follow with some mechanical
ability. Read and follow these instructions before you use the unit.
Know your product: If you understand the unit and how the unit oper-
ates, you will get the best performance. As you read this manual, com-
pare the illustrations to the unit. Learn the location and the function of
the controls. To help prevent an accident, follow the operating instruc-
tions and the safety rules. Keep this manual for future reference.
IMPORTANT: Many units are not assembled and are sold in car-
tons. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the assembly
instructions in this manual are exactly followed. Other units are pur-
chased in an assembled condition. On assembled units, it is the re-
sponsibility of the owner to make sure the unit is correctly
assembled. The owner must carefully check the unit according to
the instructions in this manual before it is first used.
Engine Exhaust, some of its constituents, and
certain vehicle components contain or emit
chemicals known to the State of California to
cause cancer and birth defects or other repro-
ductive harm.
Battery posts, terminals and related accesso-
ries contain lead and lead compounds, chemi-
cals known to the State of California to cause
cancer and birth defects or other reproductive
The responsibility of the owner is to follow the instructions below.
1. Carefully read and follow the rules for safe operation.
2. Follow all the assembly instructions.
3. Inspect the unit.
4. Make sure that the operator of the unit knows how to correctly
use all standard and accessory equipment.
5. Operate the unit only with guards, shields, and other safety
items in place and working correctly.
6. Correctly adjust the unit.
7. Service the unit only with authorized or approved replacement
8. Complete all maintenance on the unit.
Environmental Awareness
D Do not fill the engine’s fuel tank completely full.
D Drain fuel for off-season storage.
D Use only unleaded gasoline.
D Service the air cleaner regularly.
D Change oil regularly. Use 10W-30 oil in summer.
D Tune-up the engine regularly.
D Keep equipment in efficient operating condition.
D Dispose of used engine oil properly.
Safe Operation Practices for Ride-on Mowers
WARNING: This cutting machine is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Failure to observe the
following safety instructions could result in serious injury or death.
I. General operation
1. Read, understand and follow all instructions in the Instruction Book, on the machine, the engine and with any attachments before
2. Only allow responsible adults, who are familiar with the instructions, to operate the machine.
3. Clear the area of objects such as rocks, toys, wire, etc., which could be picked up and thrown by the blade.
4. Be sure the area is clear of other people before mowing. Stop the machine if anyone enters the area.
5. Never carry passengers.
6. Turn off power to the blades or any attachments before backing up. Do not mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary. Always look
down and behind before and while backing.
7. Be aware of the mower discharge direction and do not point it at anyone. Do not operate the mower without either the entire grass bagger
or the mower guard in place.
8. Slow down before turning.
9. Never leave a machine unattended with the engine running. Always turn off the blade(s), set the parking brake, stop the engine and
remove the key before dismounting.
10. Turn off power to attachment(s) when transporting or not in use. Turn off the blade(s) when not mowing.
11. Stop the engine before removing the grass bagger or unclogging the chute.
12. Mow only in daylight or good artificial light.
13. Do not operate the machine while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or when very tired.
14. Watch for traffic when operating near or crossing roadways.
15. Use extra caution when loading or unloading the machine into a trailer or truck.
16. Disengage all attachment clutches and shift into Neutral before attempting to start the engine.
17. Always wear goggles, safety glasses, or an eye shield when you operate the unit to protect your eyes from foreign objects that can be
thrown from the unit. Always wear eye protection when you make an adjustment or repair to the machine.
18. Use care when pulling loads or using heavy equipment.
a. Use only approved drawbar hitch points.