Flymo lawnrake Lawn Mower User Manual

Collection Box
Collection Box Full (M)
1. As the collection box fills up, grass will be clearly
visible through the window in the lid (M).
2. When the window is full it is time to empty the col-
lection box.
Emptying the Collection Box
1. Lift the collection box at the front and the rear
handles (N)
2. Tilt the collection box upside down to release the
collection box flap (P)
3. Empty into your compost or garden waste bin.
4. Ensure collection box flap is fitted correctly before
refitting the collection box
Removing and Fitting the Tines
Removing and Fitting the Tines
1. Ensure plug is removed from power supply
2. Turn the lawn rake upside down to access the tines
3. Remove the screw from the central disc on the set of
tines you wish to replace (Q)
4. Rotate the central disc to unlock the tines (R)
5. Remove the existing tine and replace with
a new one (S)
6. There are 2 types of tine; a left and a right. When
replacing a worn tine of one type you should replace
it with a new tine of the same type.
7. Fitting is reversal of removal.