Fiat T8.33O Lawn Mower User Manual

T8 tractors were not designed solely for primary arable work. The long wheel base and exceptional
maneuverability ensure the T8 can not just excel at heavy draft applications, they are also perfect for
secondary cultivation, drilling and haulage tasks. The integrated front linkage and PTO means that
a full range of front mounted implements can be fitted and powered.
Operating costs for the new, Tier 4A compliant T8 tractors have been reduced by 17%, thanks
to cutting-edge ECOBlue™ SCR technology, when compared to existing Tier 3 models. This is due to
improved fuel efficiency and long service intervals. Even when the cost of AdBlue
is taken into account.
Max power with EPM [hp(CV)]
T8.300 298
T8.330 327
T8.360 357
T8.390 389
T8.300 41
T8.330 43
T8.360 46
T8.390 49
Rated power
T8.300 257
T8.330 284
T8.360 311
T8.390 340
Engine speed
EPM according to the load on transmission, PTO and hydraulics.