Fiat T8.33O Lawn Mower User Manual

8 sec 5 sec
8 sec 5 sec
From the outset, the T8 tractor series was designed
to work with a front linkage. The slim engine hood
provides excellent forward visibility.
The balanced long wheelbase makes it easier to
make full use of the linkage’s 5810kg lift capacity.
Integrated electronic front linkage controls are within
easy reach of the operator. A retrofit front linkage
and PTO package is also available.
The Headland Turn Sequence has been
refined and developed by New Holland
for the ultimate in easy set-up and use.
For complex applications, including
operating a front linkage, HTS really
can reduce operator fatigue. Of equal
importance, the operator can use HTS
to manage a selection of operations
but leave others to manual control.
It is up to the operator. Set up is simply a
case of recording the desired operations
at the headland. The actions can then
be repeated, automatically, by pressing
a button on the CommandGrip™ handle.
Thanks to New Holland’s optional fully
integrated front linkage, ballasting is now
even easier. You can choose between a
whole whole host of front ballasting options
to perfectly suit each individual application.
They can be be quickly and simply fitted
and removed from the comfort of the cab.